The technology of manufacturing wigs

The technology of manufacturing wigs

The wigs are made by Korol Natali , these wigs are famous Ukrainian brand , that won customers not only from Ukraine and Russia and Europe , USA , Israel (Thanks to its quality and natural appearance). I assure you, that buying our wigs , you will be look natural , as if it your own hair.

Our wigs have got the following exceptional features


The Integration technology . We produce wigs from blameless quality and we use exceptional branded technology, imitation a skin of the head on a silk base (Completely a parietal part of the head).

Our wigs have not anything legible hairline , the hair parting arranged randomly , that give the opportunity to do the part in any place the crown , and also to change hairstyles and set on the wig and the wig will look absolutely natural.

 Our wigs are with relative system non-surgical hair replacement.

 By the manufacture of wigs we use exclusively natural materials, these are made from ecological clean technology of manufacturing your wigs.

If the wig is made technologically correctly, it can be make without hang, and the boundary line of the wig will be completely invisible, as in a wig with bangs , and a wig without bangs . So as to open the forehead, we need not any special adaptation, for example hair-pins.

These wigs are softness, elasticity and they repeat contours of your head, and your wig is invisible , as it is made by fully point method (Tamburovka). It makes wigs comfortable, breathable and easy.

 Tamburovannye wigs in pastizher art is the aerobatics

We are doing wigs and use a tressovany method for the client`s

wishes (weaving hair into strands of 3-5 hairs).Then press are sewn onto the base by hand. This manufacturing method is suitable for models with short hair wigs, where volume is needed for parietal part of the wig. The shelf life of wigs with the right care to 7 years.

 The fixing of the wig. Our wigs fit well on the head, but if we need something , we can secured with double – sided adhesive tapes or silicone tape. This is the case , if somebody does not have their own hair. If somebody has got own hair , that wig we can fix by special hairpins.

The quality of hair.

For manufacturing our wigs we use only the Slavic hair of the highest quality. These wigs are elastic , soft and silk. Before you make a wig , the hair sort(Somebody delete short and sectional hair by special technology). Only after that the hair get this value. The quality of the hair have an influence on longevity of wigs.

Haircut and painting.

When you buy a wig , we perform different haircuts (classic , modern , creative) , different stacking(the same model wig can be laid so , that the same wig will have a completely different look), hairstyles (for everyday, wedding , holiday or for a party , New Year , Birthday , corporate) it depends on your wishes ! We can do different coloring of a wig and paint an one color wig . with tinted hair roots , highlighting , coloring , and painting exclusive wigs (The play of colors from 2 to 10 shades).

 On the photos you can see absolutely all the details of our wigs (parietal part , boundary line) , to which side directed each hairs. We don`t use any tricks on our website you can enlarge images to high to consider a wig.

For our image and products we respond to our name.

Remember !!!If you buy wigs from natural hair , by manufacturer , which we are , you can always get a professional advice and care how to correctly put on and wear a wig , or if you want , we can do reconstruction or change (remake , alter) a wig , or do a new haircut or painting.

                    For your own convenience, we accept only by appointment

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